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Tune In Now!KickRadio®, 80's & 90's Hits is an "internet only" radio station, broadcasting live 24/7 the perfect 80's & 90's retro hit-mix and beyond! With a mix of eighties Pop, Rock, Disco, Alternative and Retro, KickRadio® appeals to all retro freaks out there. Kickradio® is situated in the capital city Amsterdam, Holland (Europe). >> read more...

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Arruda         3/23/2014 12:40:46 PM
Boa musica " Olá.... a todos que escutam a KICKRADIO via internet, por êste planeta, minhas cordiais saudações desde o Brasil !!!! . Estou ouvindo a emissora aqui no Rio de Janeiro com uma seleção de musicas muito boa. Aos que fazem esta emissora funcionar um grande abraço e que tudo de bom aconteça a vocês. Que as boas músicas continuem. São as boas msicas que levam alegrias ao mundo. Abraços a todos desde o Brasil !!!!..... Submitted By: Arruda

gilad         3/21/2014 4:20:44 PM
this is the best radio station!!! i listen to it from israel and enjoying...thx! :) Submitted By: gilad

ALDORI         3/19/2014 3:25:14 AM

Anaweg W.         3/11/2014 8:37:47 PM
AWESOME! This is Like the most awesome station ever! Totally! Rock on Kick Radio! Submitted By: Anaweg W.

türüt         3/9/2014 9:46:05 PM
radio-sender Hallo liebes kickradio team euer radio-programm ist einfach spitze, ich höre es so oft ich kann,macht weiter so.Herzliche grüsse. Submitted By: türüt

Joe Sossamon         3/6/2014 4:05:35 PM
Work Radio We have this station playing at my work (Animal Supply House, Columbia SC.) and we are retro! Love the station! Good stuff. Submitted By: Joe Sossamon

Paulo Ortiz         3/6/2014 2:33:22 PM
Saludos Buena música, adelante amigos. Saludos de Guate. Submitted By: Paulo Ortiz

Arruda         3/3/2014 10:39:04 PM
Grande estação !!!!!!! " Olá.... a todos que ouvem KICKRADIO via internet, meu cordial abraço desde o Brasil !!!! . Estou sempre ouvindo esta radio e é com ela que mato minhas saudades das musicas antigas de minha preferência. Aos operadores desta radio e a todos que a ouvem pelo mundo digo-lhes que desejo tudo de bom a todos. Hoje eu estou escutando boas músicas desde São Vicente na divisa de Santos - São Paulo - Brasil com um ótimo som sem problemas. Que os operadores continuem com esta programação maravilhosa. Abraços a todos desde o Brasil !!!!..... Arruda Submitted By: Arruda

anderson silva         3/3/2014 9:58:21 PM
moreno The world is listening the best radio of the planet. KICKRADIO now and forever ......iIs it possible to play for us - SUGAR HILL GANG . Thanks. Anderson Silva / fron Brasil - Ponta da Praia - Santos SP . Submitted By: anderson silva

David Steeles         3/3/2014 8:19:52 AM
The Best radio sation on the planet ! Thank-you Kick radio , the best decent Radio Station that exists on the planet , and my favourite . I am so grateful and appreciate every moment . Like you slogan says I am a Retro freak and proud to be retro !and support you 100% ! It is always great to take a trip down memory lane , and enjoy teh memories of teh good old day . the 80's and 90's was my era . Thank-you always ! keep it up ! It is appreciated David Steeles . Barberton , South Africa Submitted By: David Steeles

Tell us what you think about KickRadio. Please send us your feedback!
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Add your voice to Kickradio!You hear our announcers all the time on KICKRADIO. Now, it's your turn. If you have a microphone and can create a mp3 type file, I'll gladly add your greeting to KICKRADIO and others can hear you, too.

1. A clear, properly recorded audio file of your voice in mp3 format
2. Minimal mp3 requirement: please make sure that your mp3 is at least 256kbs/44kHz. (320 kbps is always better!)
3. Follow (with limited variation) the script below:

Once you're ready to record your own voice on your computer, read this following script (you may vary it slightly to fit the way you speak):

"Hello. I'm ____________ [insert your name] from __________ [insert your hometown/country]. You're listening to KICKRADIO, 100% retro Hits."


“Hi, I'm ____________ [insert your name] from __________ [insert your hometown/country]. You're listening to KICKRADIO, my favorite retro hits channel."

Record the script at least twice in your natural voice. Once you're satisfied, create it as a mp3 file (see above) and send it as an email attachment to

Note: if for some reason you are unable to send your email, please contact me at the above email address and we're figure out another way for you to get your voice on KICKRADIO.

Special Considerations

Submissions to KICKRADIO may be rejected for any reason, however, I will provide feedback to you and let you know why I did not use your submission. Also, the audio file may be edited. Your submission indicates that you understand that your voice may appear on KICKRADIO. Your submission becomes the property of KICKRADIO (You may request a removal of your voice at any time in the future and I will do my best to comply.)

I think this is a fun way to get listener participation & I hope to hear from you today!

Sijbe Heikamp
Station Manager KICKRADIO.



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